Tournaire’s ”French Kiss” collection: A tribute to the Eiffel Tower

Discover Tournaire's ''French Kiss'' collection, celebrating 50 years of exquisite craftsmanship with a romantic nod to the Eiffel Tower, offering personalized, elegant jewelry and preserving the rich savoir-faire of French design.
October 28, 2023
Tournaire's ''French Kiss'' collection: A tribute to the Eiffel Tower
©Photo: Tournaire

This year marks the golden anniversary of Tournaire, a distinguished jewelry house celebrated for its rare French craftsmanship. In a romantic ode to the Eiffel Tower, Tournaire unveils its iconic ”French Kiss” collection, which captures hearts with its unique design and exquisite elegance.

The genesis of the ”French Kiss” collection is a fascinating story. It all began in 2001 when Philippe Tournaire found himself in the enchanting city of Paris. Lying on the Champ de Mars, he looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower in a whole new perspective – upside down. This view sparked an ingenious idea in his mind: to place a precious gemstone between the four legs of the Iron Lady, transforming her into a piece of jewelry. At first, Philippe doubted the originality of his design, thinking it might have been done before, so he put the idea on hold. It wasn’t until 2005 that he decided to make his vision a reality and officially launched the ”French Kiss” collection.

Tournaire's ''French Kiss'' collection: A tribute to the Eiffel Tower
©Photo: Tournaire

Paris, known as the world’s capital of romance, has the Eiffel Tower as its symbol of love and French refinement,” Philippe Tournaire explains passionately. His deep appreciation for the city and its iconic structure is evident in every piece in the ”French Kiss” collection.

The French Kiss ring is a masterpiece, depicting an inverted Eiffel Tower with a stunning stone nestled between its four legs. Tournaire offers this creation in yellow, white and rose gold, allowing for personalization. Available gemstones for this unique piece include blue topaz, diamond, green peridot, orange citrine, garnet, and amethyst.

Tournaire’s commitment to customization stands out as they offer a bespoke creation service for the French Kiss collection, ensuring that each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. This level of personalization is a hallmark of Tournaire’s philosophy and extends to all of its collections.

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Founded 50 years ago in the Loire region by Philippe Tournaire, Tournaire has grown from humble beginnings to international acclaim. A self-taught jeweler, Philippe has created a legacy that combines architecture and jewelry, creating unique pieces that have earned worldwide recognition.

Tournaire’s reputation is built on a strong DNA and commitment. The house boasts rare French craftsmanship, a blend of ancient techniques such as lost wax casting and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling. Always ahead of the curve, Tournaire has been using 3D printing for more than two decades, while creating its jewelry in-house, from design to setting, casting, and polishing.

Tournaire's ''French Kiss'' collection: A tribute to the Eiffel Tower
©Photo: Tournaire

Over the years, Philippe’s passion for jewelry has been passed down to his son, Mathieu. Today, Mathieu Tournaire upholds the family legacy, creating each piece in his Montbrison workshop and preserving the precious savoir-faire of French jewelry-making passed down from his father.

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