Valentino Resort 2024

Valentino Resort 2024

Valentino's Resort 2024 collection, inspired by their iconic July couture show, blends simplicity with glamour. Pierpaolo Piccioli's designs, from sequined jeans to feathered capes, emphasize a versatile, urban elegance, solidifying the brand's timeless appeal.
October 25, 2023

Drawing inspiration from their highly talked-about couture show last July, Valentino, a name that resonates with glamour and elegance, continues to dazzle with its innovative blend of simplicity and allure for its Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection.

Kaia Gerber’s unforgettable opening look from that July show – an unbuttoned white shirt paired with seemingly ordinary jeans, which upon closer inspection, revealed themselves as sequin embroidered silk wonders – sparked a trend. This trend has now found a fresh expression in the Resort collection. Pierpaolo Piccioli amplifies this style by introducing jeans adorned with sequin embellishments near the hem, presenting a look that’s both accessible and undeniably glamorous.

Staying true to the Valentino essence, the collection also showcases button-ups layered under delicate knits. The eye-catching embroidered midi skirts are impossible to miss. And for those who adore the brand’s iconic Pink PP shade, they’ll be delighted to see it grace feather-trimmed sheer button-ups.

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The Spring/Summer 2024 menswear collection also lends its influence. Remember those tomboy-inspired mini shorts and ties? They’ve been reimagined and paired with thigh-high boots, topped off with a feather-trimmed cape that subtly draws attention to one’s stride.

As for the brand’s popularity, there’s no waning in sight. Valentino proudly holds the eighth spot on Lyst’s list of top hottest brands for the third quarter. And if one needed further evidence of Piccioli’s visionary prowess, the collection’s simple hoodies, distinguished by a metallic “V” logo brooch placed precisely over the heart, alongside suede gum-soled sneakers, speak volumes. They are a testament to Piccioli’s unwavering commitment to crafting a “versatile wardrobe” that flawlessly merges “urban elegance.”

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