Versace Spring Summer 2022 - Milan Fashion Week

Versace Spring/Summer 2022 – Milan Fashion Week

September 28, 2021

Celebrities galore – both on the runway and in the front row of the show – bold prints, vibrant primary colors and lots of fun. All the ingredients were there when the fashion house returned to the physical format with a flamboyant show.

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To the tune of Dua Lipas retro pop hit “Physical” – the British star made her catwalk debut walking the runway twice: to open the show and took the final bow with Versace – the collection exuded an energetic impulse that fitted with the festive atmosphere of the show.

On the catwalk, Versace celebrated scarf dressing in every possible permutation. “The foulard is a fundamental component of Versace’s heritage and character. It’s acted as a canvas for our iconic prints and is worn in multiple ways from knotted tops to headscarves to bag accessories, it’s a way of adding Versace attitude to any look”, said Versace chief creative officer Donatella Versace. “The foulard has been with us since the very beginning of the brand, but this season turns everything on its head, it is no longer fluid or dreamy, the scarf is provocative, sexy, wound tight”. Splashed with vibrant patterns, they were not only used as accessories but became an integral part of the pieces.

The brand’s iconic safety pins also made a playful comeback in brightly colored variations that peppered several black dresses and separates with slits, vertical cuts and cutouts. As the show went on, slowly more and more garments with color were added, and eventually, all the looks were screaming with bright, neon, Miami shades, reminiscent of 1980’s Versace.