16Arlington Fall Winter 2022 - London Fashion Week

16Arlington Fall/Winter 2022 – London Fashion Week

February 24, 2022

In November 2021, Federica Cavenati – one half of 16Arlington – better known as “Kikka”, passed away at age 28, and for Fall/Winter 2022, Marco Capaldo – other half of 16Arlington – presented an emotional tribute to the rising star, his partner in life and work, with a collection entitled “Tears” during London Fashion Week.

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For this season, it was a chance for Capaldo to present what he called a “tribute to the peerless style and lasting legacy of Federica “Kikka” Cavenati”, showcasing beautifully 16Arlington’s dancefloor-ready style with sequined minidresses, slick leather tailoring, and crushed velvet coats.

It was also the last collection that Cavenati and Capaldo worked on together, the designer added in the show notes, with many of sourced feathers from the brand’s archives that had been treated with dye by Cavenati herself years ago.

The show ended with a series of all-white looks: cutout knitted skirts, sequined column gowns, or leather miniskirts.

We wanted to end the show in a very pure, white and angelic manner, which is very fitting because if Kikka was one thing, she was an angel”, said Capaldo.


16Arlington Fall Winter 2022 - London Fashion Week