Versace announces Aespa's Ningning as new global ambassador
©Photo: Versace

Versace announces Aespa’s Ningning as new global ambassador

Versace welcomes Ningning as its newest global ambassador, celebrating her unique style, talent and confidence.
February 10, 2024

Versace has recently welcomed Ningning, a celebrated K-pop sensation, to its family. At just 21 years old, Ning Yizhuo, better known by her stage name Ningning, is a member of SM Entertainment’s girl group Aespa.

Donatella Versace, the creative force behind the iconic brand, praised Ningning’s multifaceted talent and infectious energy. “Ningning is not only a brilliantly talented star, she is a wonderful person. She has a strong, confident vision, incredible energy and talent and she looks amazing wearing our clothes. I am thrilled she is becoming part of our global Versace family,” said Versace.

Versace announces Aespa's Ningning as new global ambassador

Ningning stands out as the first Chinese singer to join a K-pop ensemble. Her journey to fame included appearances on “China’s Got Talent” in its second season and “Let’s Sing Kids” in its third season. Recently, Ningning has been showcasing Versace designs at various prestigious events.

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Ningning herself expressed her excitement about the role, recognizing the brand’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries. “Versace has always been about pushing boundaries of creative expression and championing those who are confident to express themselves, especially in the music world. That is why being a Versace brand ambassador is so exciting for me. I feel a new strong attitude when I wear Versace and I’m excited to share it with everyone in the hope that they too feel confident to share their own strength and power.”

Versace announces Aespa's Ningning as new global ambassador
©Photo: Versace

Ningning joins a distinguished group of Versace ambassadors, including Chris Lee, Anne Hathaway, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Rosy Zhao, who each bring their unique flair to the brand’s global campaigns.

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