Versace names Rosy Zhao as new global ambassador
©Photo: Versace

Versace names Rosy Zhao as new global ambassador

Rosy Zhao emerges as Versace's new global ambassador, embodying elegance and power and symbolizing a strategic fusion of high fashion with Asia's growing celebrity influence.
November 9, 2023

Chinese actress Rosy Zhao steps into the spotlight as Versace‘s newest global ambassador. The move marks another strategic alliance between high fashion and celebrities, particularly from Asia, as brands vie for a greater presence in these fast-growing markets. The actress who was born as Zhao Lusi but is internationally known as Rosy, has a staggering following of around 87.7 million on platforms such as Weibo, Red, Instagram and Douyin.

Rosy Zhao has been a familiar face in Versace ensembles at numerous public events. Her presence at the Versace Spring/Summer 2024 runway show in Milan was a standout moment. Dressed in an A-line gown with a unique checkerboard pattern and a dazzling array of rhinestones and crystals, Zhao was the epitome of the Versace woman – bold, powerful and glamorous.

Versace names Rosy Zhao as new global ambassador
Rosy Zhao and Donatella Versace at the Versace Spring/Summer 2024 show in Milan. ©Photo: Versace

Donatella Versace, the driving force behind the brand’s creative vision, expressed her excitement about Zhao’s ambassadorship. “I am thrilled Rosy is joining our Versace family. I love her style, her energy and her spirit. She is a powerful Versace woman,” said Versace, reflecting on the dynamic synergy between the actress and the brand.

The appeal of Versace, according to Zhao, goes beyond its visually captivating designs and impeccable Italian craftsmanship. For Zhao, the true essence of the brand lies in its ability to amplify her personal power through its garments. “The real power of Versace is how it makes me feel my personal strength when I wear it. Thank you Donatella, I can’t wait to start this exciting chapter together,” said Zhao.

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Zhao‘s journey to stardom began with her role as host of the variety show “Mars Intelligence Agency.” She quickly transitioned to acting, gaining fame for her performances in “Untouchable Lovers” and “Oh! My Emperor.” Her artistry has been recognized with awards such as the Newcomer Award at the Golden Bud – The Third Network Film and Television Festival in 2019, and the Best Leading Actress at the Wenrong Awards in 2020.

Versace names Rosy Zhao as new global ambassador

Her recent work in “Hidden Love,” a drama series based on the Chinese novel “Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It” by Zhu Yi, has catapulted her to international acclaim. The series debuted on Netflix last June and quickly became a hit for the streaming service.

With her appointment, Zhao joins celebrities such as Chinese singer, actress and model Chris Lee, known for leading the “Versace Icons” campaign with Anne Hathaway, and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, the face of the Holiday 2023 campaign.

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