Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2022

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2022

March 27, 2022

The last time Alexander McQueen staged a runway show in New York City, it was in 1999 with his “Eye” collection – the first one was in 1996 with “Dante” collection.

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Over two decades later, the brand was back to New York to unveil its Fall/Winter 2022 line-up. “I am so happy to be back in New York, a city that has always been close to our hearts. We showed the ‘Dante’ collection here in 1996, and then came again with ‘Eye’ in the autumn of 1999. It is part of our community, a place that has always welcomed us, and this season I want to honor that”, said creative director Sarah Burton.

In the show notes, she explained how a collection that “honored” New York City was also inspired by mycelium, which is a root-like structure of a fungus. “This collection is inspired by that idea of community, and specifically by mycelium, by the reality of nature as a community that is far, far older than we are”, she said. “Mycelium connects even the rooftop of the tallest skyscraper to the plants, to the grass, to the ground, to animals, and to human beings. Mycelium has the most profound, interconnecting power, relaying messages through a magical underground structure, allowing trees to reach out to each other when either they or their young need help or are sick”.


©Alexander McQueen