Altuzarra Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2022 – New York Fashion Week

February 18, 2022

Joseph Altuzarra wanted to escape post-pandemic. “I felt this sense of wanderlust and wanting to escape. For me, the whole story was an homage to imagination”, he said.

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His Fall/Winter 2022’s wanderlust and escapist feeling was exhibited through nautical and mythical sea references. “It was about communing with nature and giving into wanderlust”, Altuzarra continued. “I loved the idea of this narrative of a sailor that’s seduced and then transformed into a mermaid”.

Thus, models swept down the runway in chunky fisherman knits – Atluzarra worked with artisans in Japan on the offering – and cashmere snoods, or military-inspired outerwear belted with woven ropes or gold chains that evoked a pirate’s loot.

As the collection continued, Altuzarra really dug into the theme, creating dresses fully embroidered in graduated metal sequins with a patina that looked like it had been aged by seawater – these were strictly showpieces of the collection – and stellar mermaid-inspired evening wear.

The accouterments on the garments, such as mother-of-pearl fastening and weathered coin belts, also nod to the theme.


Altuzarra Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week