AMIRI Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

AMIRI Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

AMIRI's Fall/Winter 2024: Think Leonardo DiCaprio swagger meets James Dean's effortless cool. Tailored rebellion blends vintage vibes with modern twists. Double-washed silks whisper luxury, redefining formalwear for a generation owning their style.
January 21, 2024

Forget the velvet ropes and paparazzi flashes – Mike Amiri’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection finds inspiration not on the red carpet itself, but in the hopeful moments just before. Imagine a young Leonardo DiCaprio transitioning from heartthrob to auteur, or James Dean exuding effortless cool in his off-duty threads. This is the cusp of adulthood that Mike Amiri captures, where formalwear takes on a casual twist, reflecting a generation that is redefining both style and self.

Mike Amiri’s genius lies in his ability to seamlessly weave together eras. Think ’50s post-war optimism infused with ’90s grunge, resulting in dinner jackets paired with slouchy trousers and grandfatherly cardigans toughened up with leather blousons. Open shirts and singlets peek out from under deconstructed suits, while a playful print mimics the glow of a thousand camera bulbs.

It’s all about artful thrifting, where elegance feels like a carefully curated vintage find. Brooches and trinkets add a touch of personal history, while double-washed silks retain just enough luster to whisper luxury despite their roughened texture.

The thing for me is ‘how do you make that dream?‘” muses Mike Amiri. His answer lies in clothing that captures the essence of aspiration, that lets you fake it ’til you make it with confidence and panache.

This masterful blend of eras extends to the set itself: a dimly lit movie theater straight out of the talkies. It’s a fitting backdrop for a collection that feels like a cinematic montage, each look a scene in the unfolding narrative of self-discovery.

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Mike Amiri, a summa cum laude UCLA history graduate, understands the cyclical nature of fashion. He draws from the past, not to copy, but to reimagine, to create something fresh that resonates with the present. The kick pants of the ’90s meet the lounge suits of the ’50s, reinterpreted in luxurious speckled fabrics and jacquard prints reminiscent of Old Hollywood landmarks. A new house monogram, a subtle nod to tradition, emerges as a contemporary statement.

Throughout, AMIRI injects a youthful nonchalance. Skate sneakers are juxtaposed with tailored trousers, while beanie hats add a touch of streetwise cool to bejeweled accents. It’s a collection that celebrates individuality, where formality bows to personal style and each outfit tells a story of confident swagger.

As Mike Amiri quotes David Lynch, “curtains can be both hiding and revealing.” His AMIRI Fall/Winter 2024 collection is just that: a glimpse into the aspirations of a generation, hidden within the timeless allure of Hollywood’s golden age. It’s a masterclass in red carpet rebellion, where confidence is the ultimate accessory and every outfit is an invitation to rewrite the rules.

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