AMIRI Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

AMIRI Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 25, 2023

It’s the dawn of a season that fuses the sunny allure of California with the rich aesthetics of the European summer in the latest AMIRI Spring/Summer 2024 collection. A sublime blend of these transatlantic landscapes tells a compelling narrative of a nomadic artist navigating through the vivacious streets of Los Angeles to the sun-soaked shores of the French Riviera. The AMIRI man, this season, unfolds an eclectic wardrobe, a vibrant testament to an imaginative and expressive spirit, bearing the artistic impulse and the joy of found fabrics.

In the vibrant interplay of casual and classic, the borrowed and bespoke, the AMIRI man carries an artistic and creative attitude. His persona seems to have taken up residence in a foreign land, soaking up the local style, yet bringing his subcultural Americana along with him. Like a master sculptor, he shapes and moulds traditional tailoring, fusing it with relaxed, re-energized silhouettes, reminiscent of the vintage garments of the ’50s and ’90s youth culture.

The collection dances around the theme of relaxed fit, presenting an array of cropped and elongated shapes, inspired by the LA subculture and the city’s prolific art studios. A touch of the unexpected appears in the form of ties styled as belts, shirts half-tucked over cummerbunds, and loose silk scarves, subtly highlighting the audacity of self-styling.

The Californian spirit breathes life into the timeless fabrics of bouclé, tweed, and leather. Hints of western heat-faded suiting and belted shirt jackets soften the rigidity of workwear, while loose cardigans of woven leather mimic home-spun crochet knits. Iconic garments bear the brushstrokes of AMIRI’s artistry, such as jackets crafted from tightly-braided leather that draw inspiration from traditional bistro chairs and oversized plaid trousers that could well have been picnic blankets, found and refined on a spontaneous whim.

The collection delves deeper into the essence of customizing tradition. Translucent tailoring and reversible jackets tell tales of inventive layering, while an array of colorful button embellishments forms playful 3D polka dots. The act of creating something exquisite from nothing is beautifully exemplified in animated threads woven across garments, imitating pinstripes.

Accessories and footwear further weave the story of this collection, with repurposed bandanas bearing the AMIRI logo threaded through open-weave raffia beach bags. Leather, bouclé, and raffia backpacks and crossbody bags, along with evolved signature sneakers and reimagined penny loafers, redefine the concept of formal footwear, further pushing the boundaries of tradition.

The AMIRI Spring/Summer 2024 collection comes as a heartfelt tribute to the dreamers, those who perceive beauty in the ordinary and shape it into the extraordinary. Its creative vision embodies the spirit of elegance, whispering its presence rather than shouting it, in a collection where every detail is tactile, every garment a performance, and every piece a celebration of the refined, yet raw essence of style.

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