Armani Sustainability Values Capsule Spring/Summer 2024 collection

Armani Sustainability Values Capsule Spring/Summer 2024 collection

The Armani Sustainability Values Capsule Spring/Summer 2024 collection blends urban and wild elements, emphasizing sustainability with organic materials and striking nature-inspired designs for men and women.
February 12, 2024

Tropical brilliance and the intrusion of vibrant nature into the concrete urban landscape: The Armani Sustainability Values Capsule for Spring/Summer 2024 introduces a modular wardrobe that’s effortlessly stylish for an urban safari or life amidst the elements. It features a fusion of floral and animal patterns with the cool hues of the north, set against a backdrop of earthy and muddy tones, brightened with splashes of blue and the vibrant shades of guava, butterfly and flamingo.

For women, the garments skim the body with the ample shapes of cargo pants or stone-washed jeans, blouses, oversized bomber and shirt jackets, or are revealed through unexpected sheer details and small, seductive pieces like crop tops, shorts, jumpsuits and miniskirts. The jaguar pattern is found throughout the garments and accessories, highlighting the inspiration of untamed nature.

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The men’s collection offers a laid-back vibe with field jackets, sleeveless vests with plenty of pockets, Bermuda shorts and loose-fitting trousers dominating. Stone-washed denim makes a strong statement, as do animal prints on shirts, sweatshirts and Bermuda shorts, while the slogan “Welcome to the jungle” adorns sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweaters.

The outfits are completed with sneakers, sandals, bandanas and hats designed for an urban safari. Materials are either organic or recycled, in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and the ASV Protocol, which sets standards for sustainability in materials and manufacturing processes.

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