Bella Hadid launches 'Ôrebella, an alcohol-free fragrance line
©Photo: 'Ôrebella / Elizaveta Porodina

Bella Hadid launches ‘Ôrebella, an alcohol-free fragrance line

Bella Hadid launches 'Ôrebella, an innovative alcohol-free fragrance line featuring three biphase perfumes that combine essential oils with a nourishing 'Ôrelixir.
April 30, 2024

Top model Bella Hadid launches her own fragrance brand, ‘Ôrebella. The brand’s debut features a trio of alcohol-free, biphasic fragrances that promise to revolutionize the way we experience scent. ‘Ôrebella’s unique formulas combine essential oils with a proprietary ‘Ôrelixir, a blend of nourishing ingredients such as snow mushroom and various oils, to create fragrances that not only smell divine, but also hydrate the skin.

Hadid’s inspiration for ‘Ôrebella stems from her love of essential oils and her desire to create something truly innovative in the fragrance market. “I’ve always had an aversion to alcohol in scents,” Hadid reveals. “‘Ôrebella is the first nonalcoholic biphase perfume. I wanted to bring something to market that people hadn’t seen before, and I had been making my essential oils for myself for so long.”

Bella Hadid launches 'Ôrebella, an alcohol-free fragrance line

The three debut fragrances, Salted Muse, Window2Soul, and Blooming Fire, each offer a distinct scent profile to suit different preferences. Salted Muse features notes of sea salt, pink pepper, an olive accord, lavender and crisp amber woods, while Window2Soul combines rose, jasmine, fresh lemon and tonka bean. Blooming Fire blends Tahitian monoi flower with patchouli and bergamot for a truly captivating fragrance.

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What sets ‘Ôrebella apart from other fragrance brands is its commitment to providing a multi-purpose product that not only smells amazing, but also nourishes the skin. Hadid emphasizes, “I wanted you to put something on your skin that would have multiple purposes, and in today’s day and age and so many products, I know how hard people work for their money. I didn’t want to just put something on the market that was just a money grab. I wanted people to use it and appreciate it every day, and feel like their day is better because of it. And that’s why I went with the biphase formula with moisturizing effects.”

‘Ôrebella launches on the brand’s website on Thursday, followed by the Ulta Beauty website on May 10th, and will be available in more than 1,200 Ulta doors in the U.S. on May 12th. The fragrances are priced at $35 USD, $72 USD and $100 USD for 10ml, 50ml and 100ml, respectively, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

A campaign shot by Elizaveta Porodina will also be released.

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