Beyoncé, a new player in the hair care industry
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Beyoncé, a new player in the hair care industry

May 19, 2023

If the words “Beyoncé” and “hair care” in the same sentence doesn’t command your attention, nothing will. The iconic singer and entrepreneur Beyoncé has officially announced her latest venture, making a grand entrance into the hair care industry. The winner of 32 Grammys, renowned for her profound influence on music and fashion, is now set to leave her mark in the world of beauty.

Beyoncé broke the news on her Instagram, recounting her earliest experiences with hair and beauty in her mother’s salon. “How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon? Destiny’s Child got our start by performing for clients while they were getting their hair done. I was exposed to so many different kinds of entrepreneurial women in her salon”, the Instagram post read. “I saw firsthand how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls. I watched her heal and be of service to so many women. Having learned so much on my hair journey, I’ve always dreamed of carrying on her legacy I can’t wait for you to experience what I’ve been creating”.

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, a seasoned entrepreneur in her own right, is said to be leading the brand. There are whispers about the expansion of the brand into fragrances as well, but the specifics of the brand’s name and launch date remain undisclosed​​.

The beauty industry has witnessed numerous celebrities stepping into the ring, but Beyoncé‘s venture stands out due to her unique connection with hair and beauty. This venture promises to be more than just a celebrity-endorsed brand; it’s rooted in Beyoncé’s personal experiences and passion for hair care. Experts are optimistic about the brand’s potential, pointing to Beyoncé’s massive influence and the authenticity of her story​​.

Beyoncé aims to create a community through this venture, a space where women of all races can share their beauty secrets and support each other. “I’ve seen how much Black women’s emotions are attached to our hair and beauty“, she explained, emphasizing her desire to understand and address the unique needs and emotions associated with hair care in the beauty industry​​.

Beyoncé’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry has shaped her understanding of hair care. From dealing with the stress that sprays, dyes, and the heat of curling irons inflict on hair, to managing heavy make-up while performing on stage, Beyoncé has amassed a wealth of knowledge. Now, she’s ready to share those secrets and techniques with the world​​.

The success of celebrity beauty brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, which earned 600 million euros in its first year, signals a promising future for Beyoncé’s hair care line​​.

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