Bottega Veneta Fall-Winter 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2023 – Milan Fashion Week

March 2, 2023

Matthieu Blazy has once again taken the fashion world by storm with his Fall/Winter 2023 collection at Bottega Veneta. For the third consecutive time, he has amazed audiences with a range of clothing that not only pushes the boundaries of fashion but also appeals to the everyday wearer.

Blazy referred to the collection as “an odyssey of characters“, drawing inspiration from carnivals where everyone walks together in celebration. Instead of limiting the collection, Blazy and his team decided to keep adding characters, resulting in an impressive 81 looks.

Bottega Veneta answered the question of when one becomes chic with a resounding “always“. The collection defied the current fashion trends and showcased the various ways to achieve chic style. The show began with a sheer dressing gown and house shoes and ended with a leather tank top and jeans, with a variety of beautiful and innovative clothing in between, including layered dresses, an exceptional LBD, and jelly pumps.

Blazy was committed to using lightweight, unconstrained fabrics in his collection, even going so far as to shave leather for a more weightless effect. The silhouettes in the collection varied from extreme to clean and tailored, with “rolled” waistband skirts inspired by mermaids and double-layer coats and jackets for both men and women.

What sets Matthieu Blazy apart is his generosity and inclusivity. He expressed, “I always look at how women and men layer. It’s very sophisticated, even when it doesn’t work, you know? It’s so personal“. This show marked Blazy’s another success, leaving audiences eager for more and feeling happier and ennui-free as they walked out of the show.

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