Bottega Veneta Resort 2024

Bottega Veneta Resort 2024

Bottega Veneta's Resort 2024 collection reimagines fashion with a personal touch. Matthieu Blazy blends nostalgia and luxury, transforming everyday items into unique, high-end pieces. The collection celebrates individuality and craftsmanship, making a bold statement in the fashion.
November 15, 2023

Bottega Veneta’s Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection marks a distinct shift in the fashion landscape, embracing individuality and a playful yet sophisticated approach to design. This collection, conceived by Matthieu Blazy, moves away from the concept of a total look in favour of pieces that celebrate personal flair and uniqueness. This refreshing perspective is evident in every garment, accessory and detail of the collection.

Blazy‘s inspiration for this collection came from a nostalgic journey through his childhood wardrobe. His creative process began with his sister’s crab print dress, which he has now ingeniously reinterpreted into a jumper and matching skirt, hand-knitted in vibrant shades of turquoise and coral. This personal touch extends to other pieces in the collection, such as an ivory jumper with a snake pattern and a red forked tongue for a striking contrast.

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The charm of the collection lies in its ability to transform everyday items into luxurious fashion statements. This is exemplified by the elevated reinterpretation of basics such as jeans and tank tops in the finest leather. The oversized label embroidered on the back of a tailored waistcoat is another element that brings a sense of youthful nostalgia.

A major influence on this season’s collection is the Commedia dell’Arte, particularly in the way its harlequin costumes resonate with Bottega Veneta‘s iconic intrecciato motif. This is beautifully showcased in a leather coat in a palette of mint, burgundy and white, and a striking ensemble of a bright yellow and black woven button-down shirt paired with matching trousers. These pieces highlight the label’s exceptional craftsmanship and the design team’s commitment to bringing fun and innovation to high fashion.

One of the standout accessories is a large intrecciato tote with an irregular weave reminiscent of TV static or broken pixels – far from just another it-bag, it’s a statement piece that encapsulates the essence of the collection.

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©Photo: Bottega Veneta