Brandon Maxwell Spring-Summer 2024 - New York Fashion Week

Brandon Maxwell Spring/Summer 2024 – New York Fashion Week

September 14, 2023

The emotionally charged Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Brandon Maxwell is a testament to the designer’s ability to channel his personal experiences into creating garments that resonate on a deeper level. For Maxwell, fashion is not just about the aesthetics; it is a medium to express his inner turmoil and triumphs. The collection showcases a delicate balance between freedom and restraint, a reflection of the designer’s own push-pull dynamics in his life, something that is vividly translated into the clothing.

The emotional underpinning of Brandon Maxwell’s collection has been a consistent theme in his work. He doesn’t draw inspiration from a specific muse each season; instead, his work is influenced by his personal journey. Maxwell shared, “I drape the clothes on the body – I don’t come from a place of specific inspiration each season, but it’s very much about what I’m going through in my life, and I work through it with the clothes.” This approach lends an authentic, heartfelt touch to each piece he creates.

This season, Maxwell felt a surge of creativity over the summer, a renewed passion for design that he channeled directly into the clothing. The result is a collection that explores the juxtaposition between hard and soft, confidence and sensuality, presenting a range of elegant minimalist designs. A cowl-neck white dress with a wrapped silver belt, a signature black tailored blazer layered over sheer black fabrics, and a dark brown skirt adorned with tiny bows and paired with a snug gray cashmere cardigan, all capture this delicate interplay.

Maxwell noted a “very personal sensuality” in the fluid silhouettes created with viscose knit, wool-silk, and sheer jersey fabrications. While it is hard to pick a standout piece from the collection, a fiery red caped gown and a patchwork d-ring skirt crafted from “little bits of everything in the collection” made a particularly strong impression. These pieces upheld Maxwell’s design ethos of softness in movement with hints of hard edge.

The collection also featured plush knits, white shirting, wool-silk jackets, and tailored pieces, such as a notable cape jacket. New big leather bags, identified as an important category for future retail expansion, and ultra-cool frayed jeans with metallic inserts, expanded nods to classic Brandon Maxwell designs.

Instead of a darkly lit setting, the collection was debuted in a bright, white “room-within-a-room” at TriBeCa’s Andrew Kreps Gallery. Maxwell requested guests to limit phone use to create a serene moment that matched his ready-to-wear ethos. “I think ultimately, I want to make clothes that people wear in their lives and make their own moments in,” he said. The collection offers a plethora of gorgeous options for individuals to choose from and make their own.

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©Photo: Brandon Maxwell