BTS' J-Hope shines bright in Louis Vuitton's Keepall campaign

BTS’ J-Hope shines bright in Louis Vuitton’s Keepall campaign

June 16, 2023

J-Hope, the globally renowned K-Pop idol from BTS, has made his debut as the face of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Keepall bag. This comes a few months after the star was announced as an official ambassador for the luxury brand, marking a significant milestone in his career.

The campaign, unveiled on June 14, showcases J-Hope’s unique style and charisma, as he effortlessly embodies the spirit of the Keepall bag. The South Korean rapper is seen in a monochrome ensemble, the bag in hand, moving fluidly in a dance-like motion.

BTS' J-Hope shines bright in Louis Vuitton's Keepall campaign

The Keepall bag, designed in the 1930s, one of Louis Vuitton‘s most beloved creations, is presented in a sophisticated color palette of brown, black, and deep purple, adorned with the brand’s iconic monogram print. J-Hope’s dynamic poses and dance skills, coupled with the French maison’s austere gray, charcoal, and merlot suits, create a visually symphonic campaign that is sure to captivate fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

This collaboration is not just a testament to J-Hope’s global influence but also a reflection of K-pop’s growing impact on the fashion industry. Other members of BTS have also made their mark, with RM teaming up with Bottega Veneta, Jungkook joining forces with Calvin Klein, Suga partnering with Valentino, Jimin with Dior and V with Celine.

BTS' J-Hope shines bright in Louis Vuitton's Keepall campaign

Last February, J-Hope was announced as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton, in their announcement, referred to BTS as “21st-century pop icons“, highlighting J-Hope’s unique appeal. They expressed excitement about the new chapter with the maison, stating that J-Hope “brings his unique charm and style” to the partnership.

In addition to his fashion endeavors, J-Hope has been making waves in the music industry with his debut solo album, “Jack in the Box“. A Disney+ documentary titled “J-Hope in the Box” offers an intimate look into the creation process of the album and his headlining performance at Lollapalooza last year.

BTS' J-Hope shines bright in Louis Vuitton's Keepall campaign

The rise of K-pop stars in the global fashion scene has been meteoric, with European fashion brands increasingly inviting them to their fashion shows and signing them as ambassadors. This trend, often resulting in a frenzy of excitement among fans, underscores the growing influence of K-pop in shaping global fashion trends.

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