Camille Cottin dazzles in new role as Tiffany & Co.'s newest ambassador
©Photo: Tiffany & Co.

Camille Cottin dazzles in new role as Tiffany & Co.’s newest ambassador

Camille Cottin becomes Tiffany & Co.'s newest ambassador, embodying modern elegance and French artistry in a fusion of fashion, acting and timeless jewelry design.
November 20, 2023

Tiffany & Co., the iconic American jeweler, has named French actress Camille Cottin as its newest ambassador. The move not only highlights Cottin’s multifaceted talents, but also reinforces Tiffany’s deep-rooted connection to French elegance and artistry. Known for her exceptional acting and distinctive style, Cottin represents a modern approach to jewelry that embraces both its timeless beauty and contemporary relevance.

The “Call My Agent” star’s journey to becoming the newest face of Tiffany & Co. is as dazzling as the pieces she now represents. With a background in comedy and a flair for diverse roles, Cottin has charmed audiences around the world. Her selection by Tiffany & Co. is a nod to her unique blend of talent, taste and humor. The jeweler praises her for embodying today’s independent spirit in jewelry fashion, celebrating her acting skills and innate sense of style.

While specific campaigns featuring the French actress have not yet been announced, she joins a distinguished group of brand ambassadors, including actress Florence Pugh, singer Roseanne Park, better known as Rosé of Blackpink, BTS member Jimin, and Nancy Ajram.

Cottin’s appointment also reflects Tiffany’s longstanding affinity for French culture and craftsmanship. This connection dates back to the tenure of Jean Schlumberger as creative director, whose tenure from 1956 to the late 1970s infused the brand with a distinctly French flair. Cottin’s own appreciation for Tiffany’s designs is evident. She admires their visionary approach and the brand’s ability to remain timeless through constant innovation. Her fondness extends from the brand’s delicate day pieces to its more extravagant evening designs, each of which resonates with a sense of enchantment and personal sentiment.

In addition to her new role at Tiffany & Co., Camille Cottin’s acting career has been on a meteoric rise. From her breakout role in the French TV and film franchise “Connasse” (or “The Bitch” in English) to her acclaimed performance in “Call My Agent,” Cottin has become a household name in France and beyond. Her international fame has been bolstered by roles in “Stillwater” opposite Matt Damon, “House of Gucci” with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, and the recent Kenneth Branagh film “A Haunting in Venice“.

Cottin’s versatility extends to her upcoming projects. She is set to appear in “L’Empire,” a unique French take on “Star Wars,” and is currently filming “Ni chaînes Ni Maîtres,” a historical drama that explores colonial practices in 1759. Her diverse portfolio demonstrates her ability to navigate both comedic and dramatic roles with ease, making her an ideal ambassador for Tiffany‘s dynamic and timeless designs.

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