Chopard's grand entrance into couture fashion

Chopard’s grand entrance into couture fashion

May 19, 2023

In a dazzling turn of events, Chopard, the renowned Swiss luxury brand famed for adorning the necks of the world’s most celebrated women with glittering jewels, now intends to dress them head-to-toe.

The brand, under the innovative leadership of co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele, is preparing to take a plunge into the world of haute couture, setting the stage for a highly anticipated debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

The forthcoming couture line, ingeniously dubbed “Caroline’s Couture”, is designed with an extraordinary vision to seamlessly complement Chopard’s signature jewelry. This expansive collection features a curated selection of 50 standout looks, spanning gowns, minis and jumpsuits, that are destined to shine on the red carpet.

Chopard's grand entrance into couture fashion

Drawing from her expertise in crafting eternal pieces of jewelry, Scheufele developed the collection in collaboration with a team of expert couturiers. In her own words, “I wanted to create a collection for women who, like me, want to dress in a way that is fully aligned with who they are today”. Her vision encapsulates timeless elegance and authentic beauty, resulting in attire meant to be cherished over time, fitting perfectly into a variety of occasions without losing their charm or relevance.

Scheufele’s design philosophy parallels the guiding principles of her successful jewelry collections. She aspires to a vision of a wardrobe “as a jewelry collection, which time makes more and more precious because they are accompanied by slices of life and carry with them experiences, memories, and memorable moments“. This innovative approach to clothing seeks to break from the traditional fashion cycle, encouraging sustainability and longevity rather than ephemeral trends.

Embracing sustainability is not only limited to the conceptualization of the collection. It is also woven into the very fabric of the clothes. With an aim to create pieces that outlast fashion seasons, Scheufele has chosen classic shapes that won’t fade into obscurity after a single season. The line is crafted at the Kalhath Institute in India, a nonprofit that preserves the craft of hand embroidery and fosters the skills of local artisans. This commitment reflects Chopard‘s ongoing social and environmental initiatives, endorsing fair wages and perpetuating exceptional expertise.

Chopard's grand entrance into couture fashion

Chopard’s couture launch is set against the backdrop of a growing concern in the luxury fashion industry – the problem of fast fashion. The company statement read, “While the very principles of the fashion industry require the production of clothes systemically doomed to programmed obsolescence, due to the rhythm of the collections presented four to 10 times a year by the fashion houses, Caroline Scheufele adopts the same technique as for jewelry“.

The new line features fabrics sourced from Swiss manufacturer Jakob Schlaepfer and Italian supplier Gentili Mosconi, and highlights exquisite materials such as chiffon, taffeta, duchess satin, silks, lace and jacquards. The intricate beading, sourced from Japan, is meticulously applied by artisans in the Indian workshops, showcasing Chopard’s dedication to global craftsmanship.

The inaugural collection is set to make its grand debut this coming Tuesday in Cannes.

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