Coach 1941 Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Coach 1941 Fall/Winter 2022 – New York Fashion Week

February 18, 2022

Coach set its Fall/Winter 2022 show in an imaginary “Somewhere in America” neighborhood, but broadcast live from Basketball City on the lower east side of NYC.

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So Stuart Vevers set his runway on a sterile suburban street in yellow tones, with a group of boys sitting on their bikes in front of a house, a woman walking a very chic Afghan Hound, and a girl chatting on her phone.

There is a town somewhere in America. A town that may feel familiar, as if from a dream. A town where it’s always the golden hour and things are happening – on the street, inside our homes and in our hearts. A town where anything (yes, anything) is possible if you can ask yourself, “What if?””.

The collection reflected Stuart Vevers’ vision of American heritage. The clothing line included oversized shearling jackets – they were made from vintage coats upcycled and reconstructed – graphic oversized t-shirts, leather pants and vests, trench coats made from recycled leather, all surfing a ’90s aesthetic, with a lot of Kurt and Courtney.

Describing his inspiration for the season, Vevers said: “My collections often begin with a feeling, and for Fall, the feeling was love. I liked the idea of creating a nostalgic world somewhere in America seen through a widescreen lens, mixing the energy of today with the nostalgia for pop culture that has always inspired me”.


Coach 1941 Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week