Coach 1941 Spring Summer 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Coach 1941 Spring/Summer 2022 – New York Fashion Week


In considering American fashion’s legacy, from sportswear to streetwear, the connecting thread of Stuart Vevers for Coach 1941 Spring/Summer 2022 collection is ease.

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Vevers and the Coach team spoke to the overwhelming desire to step out in our best and brightest garments with a collection that was very wearable, but incredibly fun.

Here, sportswear styles were paired with classic prints: A-line silk and cotton anoraks in houndstooth and plaid patterns, worn with nothing more than a cap, skirt and simple bralette. Skater aesthetic was also a strong influence with low-rise jeans modelled with exposed boxer briefs, leather trousers mixed with boxy logo-tees that engulfed the wearer and calf-length jean shorts worn with boots. Acid-bright patterned flared pants, denim vests, silk print baby-doll dresses, wool baseball caps and hiking boots added to the ’70s-meets-’90s vintage appeal.

It was also a love letter to New York itself, with t-shirts emblazoned with iconic NY haunts (Zabars, Serendipity, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Eagle Bar), accessories such as hotdog earrings and bead necklaces.

The show closed with about a dozen skateboarders launching onto Pier 76, followed by a drum corps, and the models walking about in every direction. It looked like Grand Central Station at rush hour, a chaotic mass of incredibly well-dressed bodies. The scene was broadcast on a giant TV screen that had previously played a new episode of Coach TV, this one hosted by Rickey Thompson and public access-themed.


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