Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Fall Winter 2021

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Fall/Winter 2021

February 3, 2021

From Tokyo, where she has been stuck for several months due to the pandemic, Rei Kawakubo sent her latest collection which found its inspirations in … the darkness!

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In a pitch-black room, spotlights turned on and off only when models entered and exited them. ‘’Creation can arise in a dark place where not only the visual but all six senses come into play’’, Rei Kawakubo wrote in an emailed show note. ‘’It is in this world sunk in darkness that we must search and find something new’’. The message could not be clearer referencing the health crisis we are currently experiencing.

Entitled ‘’Darkroom’’, her collection was ‘’just as photographs which reveal their images in the darkroom, so can creation, development, and progress, we believe, also come out of darkness’’.

Rei Kawakubo opened the presentation with a series of relaxed white suits featuring loose-fitting pants and culottes with jackets that ranged from double-breasted styles to ones with asymmetrical button plackets. The suite interacted with light and dark to reveal a wide variety of textures and proportions. Coats in transparent black vinyl, some made from silk brocade, fringe trimmed T-shirts, printed leggings, oversized jackets made from double fabrics…, impossible to enumerate all of them.


This collection also revealed two collaborations: the first with Nike on high-top sneakers and the second with the African-American sculptor Willie Cole on the sculptural headpieces worn by almost all the models as well as on the prints found on many pieces.

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