Cosmoss by Kate Moss enters the U.S. market
©Photo: Cosmoss by Kate Moss

Cosmoss by Kate Moss enters the U.S. market

Cosmoss by Kate Moss arrives in the U.S., fusing fashion and wellness. The luxury brand, which embodies Moss' vision, offers unique beauty rituals and personal care.
November 16, 2023

Cosmoss by Kate Moss launched in the US. This venture by the iconic Kate Moss marks a significant shift in her career from supermodel to entrepreneur. The launch is not just a business move; it’s a personal journey for Moss. She recalls the start of her own career in the U.S. and brings the same enthusiasm and expectation to Cosmoss.

My career began at JFK airport, so I am excited Cosmoss has now landed and is ready to share with you all in the U.S.,” said the British supermodel, referring to when she was scouted by Storm model agent Sarah Doukas at the New York airport in the ’90s on the way home from a vacation with her father.

The story of Cosmoss began in the United Kingdom in September 2022, with a line of products that combined luxury and wellness. Initial offerings included the Sacred Mist fragrance, Golden Nectar CBD & Pro-Collagen Oil, various skincare essentials, and unique tea blends. These products are emblematic of Moss’ vision for Cosmoss – a blend of natural ingredients and personal care wrapped in the luxury of a high fashion brand.

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Known for being the face of countless brands for decades, Kate Moss brings her own experience and understanding of beauty to Cosmoss. She emphasizes that Cosmoss is more than a brand; it’s a set of rituals, a way of embracing wellness, tailored to individual needs and desires. This approach is reflected in the product range, which balances natural ingredients with a touch of luxury.

The expansion of Cosmoss is remarkable. It has already made its presence felt in spas, wellness retreats and retail outlets across Europe. This includes recent launches in Germany and now the highly anticipated debut in the U.S. The brand’s U.S. launch ahead of the holiday season is strategic, tapping into the festive spirit and growing demand for wellness-oriented products.

The Cosmoss website now welcomes U.S. customers and offers products ranging from accessible to luxurious, with prices from $25 USD to $250 USD. Pawel Walicki, CEO of Cosmoss, shares Moss’ excitement about entering the U.S. market and sees it as a key part of their global vision.

Kate Moss is not alone in her journey from the world of glamour to the beauty and wellness industry. Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Pharrell Williams, Naomi Watts, Ashley Tisdale and Miranda Kerr have also ventured into the space, each bringing their own unique perspective and style.

Beyond Cosmoss, Moss continues to influence the fashion world. She recently rejoined Diet Coke as Creative director, after being announced as the face of the soda company’s 40th anniversary last year, and runs the Kate Moss Agency, managing talents such as her daughter Lila and other notables including Stella Maxwell, Rita Ora and Jordan Barrett. This multifaceted involvement in fashion, beauty and wellness underscores Moss’ enduring influence and ability to innovate and inspire.

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