Courrèges Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Courrèges Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Nicolas Di Felice's Courrèges Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a captivating exploration of modern intimacy, blending sensuality with innovative design and a touch of Parisian chic.
February 29, 2024

Nicolas Di Felice’s Courrèges Fall/Winter 2024 collection pulsated with a distinct erotic energy, leaving the Paris Fashion Week audience both captivated and amused. The show, aptly titled “Frisson” (French for thrill), explored themes of sensuality, intimacy, and self-discovery through a thoughtfully crafted presentation.


Di Felice’s vision transcended the current trend of revealing clothing, opting for a more suggestive approach. Models strutted the runway with one hand confidently tucked into a single, low-slung front pocket on pants and skirts, sparking playful debate amongst observers.

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The collection itself was a study in contradictions. Trench coats with high necks hinted at secrecy, while straps dangling from hems and shoulders whispered of potential disrobing. Bra tops, barely concealing, were paired with diverse pieces like sarongs and faux fur coats, exuding a confidently playful air.

Di Felice, in his own words, aimed to capture the essence of “seeking connection and touch in a world filled with strife“. He described it as a form of “sexual healing” – a sentiment echoed in the silk scarf draping, mirrored in twisted dresses with necks swathed in fabric.

Technical innovation also played a key role. Di Felice, now three years into his role, showcased his growing comfort with taking risks. Weightless fabrics and feather embellishments contributed to a sensuous, ethereal aesthetic.

The show’s cross-generational appeal was evident in the diverse front row, featuring celebrities like rapper Saweetie, actress Juliette Binoche, and K-pop group ITZY. It’s clear that Di Felice’s brand of seduction doesn’t require overt displays, instead opting for a more subtle and intriguing approach.

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©Photo: Courrèges