David Koma Fall-Winter 2024 - London Fashion Week

David Koma Fall/Winter 2024 – London Fashion Week

Black swans meet powerful pirouettes. David Koma's Fall/Winter 2024 blends feathers, dance, and craftsmanship into a captivating runway experience.
February 19, 2024

David Koma‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a waltz between elegance and edge, where feathers whisper the grace of swans and structured tailoring embodies the power of dance. This season, Koma has transcended his signature black and white palette with pops of icy blue, camel, and red, adding vibrancy to the sophisticated designs.


Imagine the ethereal beauty of a swan gliding across the runway, its plumage embodied in mint feather boas adorning sheer tops and floor-sweeping trains. Evening bags transform into feathered clouds, adding a touch of whimsy to the otherwise sleek silhouettes.

David Koma’s inspiration goes beyond the runway, drawing from the legendary dance pioneers Pina Bausch and Candela Capitán. The juxtaposition of Bausch’s powerful vulnerability with Capitán’s technological movement translates to contrasting fabrics: chiffons and satins embody classic elegance, while tulles and liquid jerseys capture the party spirit.


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Koma’s confidence in his work shines through, evident in the relaxed yet focused energy he exudes before his shows. This season’s collection is a testament to his dedication to honoring influential women. He draws inspiration from the “Thin Air” exhibition, where the interplay of light, space, and sound sparked the theme of movement and dance.

Bausch’s influence manifests in sleek black and white ensembles, with formfitting leggings and bustier-inspired tops reminiscent of dancewear. Tutus are reimagined, adorned with feathers and chiffon, adding a touch of whimsy to minidresses. Tailoring takes a structured approach with neoprene blazers, coats, and plume-adorned pants.

Hand-spun creations burst with graphic designs, adorning floor-length macramé silhouettes. Shearling adds texture to miniskirts and biker jackets, while rock-size crystals nestled in raw metal rings bring a touch of rock-and-roll glamour. Satin slingbacks and boots adorned with feathers complete the playful, party-girl vibe.

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©Photo: David Koma