A fresh era with Davide Renne as Moschino's Creative director
Davide Renne. ©Photo: Moschino / Alessio Bolzoni

A fresh era with Davide Renne as Moschino’s Creative director

Davide Renne, celebrated for his tenure at Gucci, is Moschino's new Creative director. With a blend of experience and innovation, Renne is set to elevate the iconic brand to new creative heights.
October 17, 2023

Excitement buzzes in the fashion world as Moschino opens a new chapter with Davide Renne at the reins, taking up the role of Moschino’s Creative director. In the wake of Jeremy Scott’s departure in March after a decade with the House, Renne is anticipated to infuse fresh vigor and innovative designs into Moschino’s collections.

Born in Tuscany, Renne recently transitioned from a two-decade stint at Gucci, evolving under the guidance of Frida Giannini and Alessandro Michele, and ascending to the role of chief womenswear designer. His journey takes a new turn at Moschino, where he’s entrusted with the creative direction of both women’s and men’s collections, as well as accessories. Slated to begin his role as the fourth creative director on November 1st, Renne’s inaugural collection is eagerly anticipated at the Fall/Winter 2024 Milan Fashion Week.

A fresh era with Davide Renne as Moschino's Creative director

The interim period post-Jeremy Scott saw Moschino’s in-house team collaborate with renowned stylists Katie Grand, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, and Lucia Liu for an exceptional showcase marking the House’s 40-year legacy. Renne is set to step into the role of Moschino’s fourth lead designer, succeeding Jeremy Scott, Rossella Jardini, and the iconic founder, Franco Moschino.

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Today we welcome Davide to the Moschino family. We have all been impressed by Davide’s extremely sophisticated vision of fashion’s power to create a living dialogue with the world around us and by his deep understanding of the House of Moschino’s legacy and of our codes,” announces Massimo Ferretti, executive chairman of Moschino’s parent company Aeffe.

He is a brilliant designer and a special human being: Franco used to say that bad manners are the only true bad taste, and getting to know Davide, I have been struck, not only by his obvious talent but by his kindness, his sensibility,” Ferretti continues. “We are confident that he will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Moschino, a global House with an Italian heart and a truly unique DNA in the luxury industry.”

Renne’s selection for the coveted role was widely anticipated by those in the know in the fashion realm, echoing a broader movement where previously unsung talents are thrust into notable roles, much like Sabato de Sarno at Gucci and Seán McGirr at Alexander McQueen. Chemena Kamali’s recent appointment at Chloé underscores this trend.

At 40, Renne reflects on stepping into this prestigious role, casting a thoughtful gaze over the legacy of the house he now leads. “Franco Moschino had a nickname for his design studio: la sala giochi – the playroom,” he shared. “That resonates deeply with me: what fashion – Italian fashion especially, and the House of Moschino most of all, can achieve with its enormous power, should be accomplished with a sense of play, of joy. A sense of discovery, and experimentation.”

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