Moschino Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Moschino Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 22, 2023

Moschino has always been a brand that has dared to differ, an epitome of playful audacity in the fashion world. But what happens when it faces the poignant moment of commemorating 40 years without its founder and without a standing Creative director? The answer is nothing short of a triumphant fashion fiesta.


To mark this significant milestone, Moschino opened its treasure trove and invited four renowned stylists to revisit and reimagine the iconic creations of Franco Moschino, the genius who passed away in 1994. Even in his absence, Moschino’s impact on fashion, his knack for campy fun and unapologetic boldness, remains undeniable.

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, who collaborated closely with Jeremy Scott during his ten-year tenure at the label, took the lead. Contrary to Moschino’s flamboyance, her tribute was an ode to classics. This was not a dilution of Moschino’s ethos but a celebration of its versatility. She blended elegance and simplicity, showcasing khakis, jeans, turtlenecks, and t-shirts, all in the spirit of Moschino’s playful legacy.


Stepping in with a distinct contrast was Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, known for her work with brands like Altuzarra and Etro. Her vision? A fusion of Moschino’s subversive spirit with her interpretation of the cowboy hat, which she viewed as a symbol ripe for reimagining. Her collection was a medley of beaded fringes, lace, and denim patchworks, and of course, the cowboy hats – a nod to Moschino’s inclination for the maximal.

Then, Lucia Liu, the Beijing-based stylist, sought a nexus between her personal aesthetic and Moschino’s flair. She found her muse in Moschino‘s florals and knitwear. By merging these elements, Liu crafted designs resplendent with bows, ruffles, and cut-out hearts, capturing the romance Moschino often infused into his work.

Lastly, Katie Grand’s interpretations revolved around Moschino’s penchant for slogans. Drawing from the current zeitgeist, the words “Loud Luxury” emerged, echoing the feelings of many in the present age. Complementing her monochromatic ensembles, a group of vibrant dancers added energy, ensuring that quietness was not on the agenda.

Moschino has always been about pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and resonating audacity. And while Franco Moschino might not have been a fan of looking too deeply into the past, this Spring/Summer 2024 tribute would undoubtedly have brought a grin to his face, seeing the diversity and vigor these stylists breathed into his work.

With the curtains drawn on this homage, the fashion world now waits with bated breath to see who will take up the mantle at Moschino. Until then, this 40th-anniversary spectacle stands as a testament to the undying spirit and innovation of a label that refuses to fade.

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©Photo: Moschino