Diesel Pre-Fall 2024

Diesel Pre-Fall 2024

Diesel Pre-Fall 2024 redefines fashion with layered designs and innovative craftsmanship. Under Glenn Martens, the collection merges intricate techniques with effortless style, featuring trompe l'oeil effects and eco-conscious materials, embodying Diesel's signature energy in every unique, sustainable piece.
December 19, 2023

The Diesel Pre-Fall 2024 collection presents an ingenious blend of layered design and technical innovation. Under the visionary guidance of Glenn Martens, Diesel’s Creative director, this range exemplifies a blend of experimental flair and wearable artistry, designed for the Diesel enthusiast who wants to make a statement.

Glenn Martens‘ words resonate with the essence of this collection: “In this collection, we have developed complex treatments that have taken years to perfect, used for pieces that you can just throw on and live your best Diesel life“. This sentiment captures the dual nature of the collection – intricate craftsmanship made effortless.

At the heart of Diesel Pre-Fall 2024 is the concept of layering, not just as a style choice, but as a metaphor for the multifaceted aspects of fashion. For example, a denim vest top that is bonded to another layer of denim and then lasered to reveal the details underneath epitomises Diesel’s commitment to innovative design. The technique is used on a range of items including jackets, skirts and jeans, adding depth and dimension to everyday wear.

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Trompe l’oeil, a visual trick, plays an important role in this collection. Outerwear that appears to be a combination of separate pieces – a leather jacket tucked into a denim skirt, or denim shorts over leather trousers – are in fact single, seamless garments. This clever design approach challenges perceptions and encourages the wearer to look beyond the surface.

Diesel’s knack for innovation extends to prints and textures. Trompe l’oeil prints transform simple leather jackets with intricate moto detailing, and printed tracksuit bottoms take on the appearance of cargo pants. This visual play extends to making exclusive runway designs more accessible, such as tracksuit bottoms printed with scans of artisanal pieces from the Spring/Summer 2023 show.

There is also a nocturnal energy to the collection, with denim knit tops and cardigans linked by criss-cross lacing, and little black knit dresses accented with a metal logo. This theme of nighttime vibrancy is furthered by double-layered jersey pieces embellished with Diesel film poster motifs, creating a peeled-off billboard effect.

Metallic coated dresses, asymmetrically printed check tops and skirts, and rain and animal skin prints add to the eclectic nature of the collection. Every piece, whether it’s a padded jersey denim sweater or a pinstripe suit with a plasticized coating, is infused with Diesel’s signature energy.

Sustainability and innovation coexist harmoniously in Diesel Pre-Fall 2024. Second-skin tech tees and leggings made from recycled polyester reflect a commitment to eco-friendly fashion without compromising on style. Distressed denim with a layer of paillettes, double-layer denim blazers and trenches, and oversized faux fur accessories showcase Diesel’s flair for the dramatic.

The collection is completed with accessories that embody Diesel’s bold aesthetic. Shoes and boots adorned with the metal cage D, the new D-Airspeed low sneaker and the dynamic Play bag made from recycled polyester underline the brand’s commitment to innovative, sustainable fashion.

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©Photo: Diesel