Dion Lee Fall Winter 2023 - New York Fashion Week

Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2023 – New York Fashion Week

February 13, 2023

Dion Lee, the accomplished Australian fashion designer, displayed his skill in unifying contrasting elements in his recent Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Lee, known for his contemporary designs and sculptural approach to women’s clothing, delved into the theme of “second skin” with a lineup that highlighted the interplay between bold sexuality and sensuality. The collection drew inspiration from reptile scales, symbolizing the shedding of skin, and paralleled this natural progression to the evolution of Lee’s own work.

Lee’s use of materials and techniques that showcased the reptile motif was a highlight of the collection. He utilized rhombus-shaped eyelet belting, mixed-gauge mesh, peeling rubber, distressed ball chain applied to silk georgette dresses, shaved shearling, and Japanese shibori dyeing. These elements were combined with Lee’s classic party-ready silhouettes to create a visually captivating collection.

The designer also presented his outerwear designs, including powerful shearling styles, corset-like puffer jackets, and translucent inflatable jackets. Denim was also a focal point, with distressed styles making a statement. Lee also experimented with ripped hosiery dresses and tops in menswear, showing his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

An intriguing aspect of the collection was the use of boning in horizontal stacks to create drape and structure. This unique technique demonstrated Lee’s mastery in materialization and his ability to merge seemingly disparate elements into wearable and stunning fashion.

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