Dior B57 sneakers capture classic charm

Dior unveils the Dior B57 sneakers, a blend of luxury and casual elegance. Destined to be iconic, they showcase artistic craftsmanship and technological innovation, offering a timeless, captivating style for the discerning gentleman.
October 6, 2023
Dior B57 sneakers capture classic charm

House of Dior is expanding its horizons in the men’s footwear landscape with the anticipated arrival of the Dior B57 sneakers, an epitome of casual yet luxurious elegance. With the pre-launch scheduled online for October 10 and the global in-store release on October 19th, anticipation bubbles amongst the fashion-conscious.

The B57 isn’t a mere addition; it’s a hallmark of Dior’s commitment to blending aesthetics with comfort and functionality. Kim Jones, the artistic director of men’s collections at Dior, can barely contain his excitement. “It’s a must-have of the spring 2024 collection,” Jones stated. He envisions the B57 sneaker not just as a shoe, but as an iconic piece of art, a testimony to Dior’s craftsmanship.

The sneakers mirror an intimate craftsmanship, blending the iconic Dior Oblique with two shades of leather, reminiscent yet distinct from the B27 style unveiled in 2020. The artistry doesn’t just linger on the exterior; it’s an intricate weave of classic and contemporary, of muted grays and vibrant navies.

The B57, with CD initials adorned on its side, is an homage to the legacy, yet a stride into the future. For those privy to the allure of diverse tones, the sneakers grace your presence in gray, black, red, beige, or cream, each priced at 1,100 euros a pair.

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Dior’s venture into sneakers isn’t a novice expedition. Dior has built a loyal sneaker following since its 2019 hit collaboration with Air Jordan. This alliance saw 5 million enthusiasts vying for one of the 13,000 pairs of limited-edition Air Jordan 1 OG Dior shoes.

In addition to the esteemed B27 and B30 models, Dior unveiled the innovative B33 design last July. Every pair is embedded with an NFC chip in the sole, serving as a secure digital key connected to a verification platform, enhancing authenticity. Uniquely, a select limited-edition model comes with a “digital twin” – an NFT version, marking a pioneering move for the renowned LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton-owned brand.

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