Dior Fall Winter 2022 - Paris Fashion Week

Dior Fall/Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week

March 11, 2022

A wired woman walked out first at the Dior show, her bodysuit outlined in light-up-in-the-dark fluorescent green. It set the tone for a collection that experimented with technology and its capabilities to revolutionize the way fashion is designed.

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I’d like to start a conversation between technology and everyday life”, said Maria Grazia Chiuri. “I want to open a feminist outlook on what we envelop our bodies in, and how that has the power to free”, Chiuri continued, stating that she conceived this collection as a discussion between technology, tradition and emancipation, and between past, present and future.

This was indeed what was reflected in the decor imagined by the feminist artist Mariella Bettineschi. Entitled ‘’The Next Era’’, it consisted of a gallery of famed portraits of women from the 16th to the 19th centuries (most created by male artists), with their eyes slices and stacked to suggest a “double vision”. “Women, in art or through clothing, have been constricted and I want to change that point of view by modifying their eyes”, Chiuri explained. And so the collection explored the dualities of feminine existence: soft and hard, feminine and masculine, utilitarian and superfluous.

One of the key pieces of the collection was The Bar jacket, revisited by Chiuri and made in collaboration with D-Air lab, a technical specialist Italian company which makes safe, functional clothing and materials for sports, industrial and other non-fashion purposes. The new Bar jacket was enhanced with a system that regulates body moisture and can provide warming if needed, all in a mesh resembling grisaille and able to take an imprint of the wearer’s body.

The second key piece of the collaboration was a bodysuit crisscrossed by an organic network of colored veins and arteries in luminescent colors which maintains a constant temperature. Other pieces included sober gray suiting, feminine chiffon dresses, technical biker jackets, lace biker shorts, accessorized with futuristic goggles, sparkling headbands and hefty boots.