Dior Men Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 27, 2023
Dior Men Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Unleashing a grand sartorial spectacle, the Dior Men Spring/Summer 2024 collection debuted under the craftmanship of the enigmatic Kim Jones. His name, once etched in the fabric of Christian Dior’s legacy, is now woven into the threads of its future, pioneering a seismic shift in fashion’s narrative. This anniversary collection honors Jones’s illustrious five-year journey at Dior while also underscoring his creative instincts for convergence and continuity.


With a talent for visual editing and design as vivid as the Parisian skyline, Jones has transformed his signature style into a luxury template. As we delve deeper into his latest offering, we find him drawing inspiration from past Dior designers – Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré and Marc Bohan – and skillfully intertwining their motifs with his own propositions. A unifying thread runs through the collection, tying all these inspirations together – Christian Dior’s cannage, a pattern based on the woven rattan chairs in which guests sat at his debut salon show in 1947.

Guests from around the globe congregated on stepped blocks in a gigantic, temporary house-gray box, nestled by the École Militaire. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd eagerly anticipated the newest arrivals. As the show unfurled, the polished metal gray runway shone beneath the blistering sun, setting the stage for a dramatic presentation. An orchestration of visual aesthetics and audio backdrops, including the haunting tune of Primal Scream’s “Higher Than the Sun”, added to the theatricality of the event.


Each ensemble showcased Jones‘s genius and deep respect for Dior’s heritage. From the intricately studded polished jewels (cabochons) on cardigans overlaying the collection’s straight-legged tailoring to piqué polo shirts adorned with even more jewels, every detail echoed Dior’s luxury ethos. Tweed loafers bore buckles inspired by a Lady Dior fragrance motif, and vibrant jacquard cannage knits were gracefully robed over tailored pieces. Semi-safarienne jackets, uniquely accented with a bow at the breast pocket, further displayed Jones’s ability to blend the traditional and the innovative.

The collection also saw a revitalization of Dior’s Mitzah Bricard – inspired leopard print, reproduced on Saddle bags and vests. Sporty tweed shorts were paired with these, and later contrasted with tweed and piqué twinsets. Fluorescent hues of green and orange injected a psychedelic touch to the collection, mirroring the vibrant Weatherall soundtrack and turning the event into a Dior kaleidoscope, with Jones brilliantly situated at its core. As the designer himself elegantly put it, “It’s a collage of different designers in the archive expressed in shape, color, form and mood”.

With the Dior Men Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Kim Jones has shown us once again how he flawlessly upholds the brand’s heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion. His vision and execution celebrate the past, the present, and the promising future of Dior, transforming the fashion landscape with his enduring legacy.

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