Dries Van Noten - Spring Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Dries Van Noten – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week

October 5, 2020

Instead of the physical fashion show, Dries Van Noten opted for a simple lookbook and short film published on his website. For that, he enlisted the Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen to shoot the images and film.

At the same time, he came upon the work of the New Zealand artist Len Lye, whose pioneering technique of painting on celluloid film predates psychedelia by decades. Working with the Len Lye Foundation, Van Noten developed the prints that run through the collection, ‘’psychedelic sun, sunshine and moons, light bars, and palm trees’’.

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The results: there’s a bounty of outerwear in trenchcoats, parkas and crisp, loose jackets; shirtings in traditional cottons; texture in mesh T-shirts beautifully simplified, tone-on-tone embroideries; black papery cotton dresses with cutout necklines; an oversized parka printed inside and out with a new inkjet technique. Van Noten combines the varied pieces, textures and patterns in masterful layerings and injected colors, embellishment and layerings on coats and tops to add a dose of positivism and energy.

©Dries Van Noten