Dunhill Fall Winter 2021 - London Fashion Week

Dunhill Fall/Winter 2021 – London Fashion Week

February 27, 2021

This season marked the return of the venerable British house Dunhill to its motherland after showing during several seasons in Paris.

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For Mark Weston, creative director of Dunhill since April 2017, the return to the ground that saw it born in 1893 provides the brand ‘’an opportunity to connect with London’’, beyond the usual pre-BAFTA parties it hosted annually for emerging British actors before the pandemic.

Dubbed ‘’Compendium’’, his Fall/Winter 2021 collection had the mission to bring the brand to a new generation of young consumers and get them hooked on the brand’s Britishness – ‘’a certain attitude and set of values as well on a broad sense, a sense of sophisticated style, and particularly the celebration of the multiplicity of the contemporary London’’.

Ideas of tradition, inheritance and continuity ran throughout the collection, together with a certain iconoclasm in their treatment; it’s a very British dichotomy where symbols of class and creativity were brought together in insouciant style and worn with a don’t-give-a-damn attitude.