Duran Lantink Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

Duran Lantink Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week

Duran Lantink's Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a harmony of innovation and sustainability, showcasing whimsical designs crafted from repurposed materials, marking his unique signature in the evolving narrative of fashion.
October 4, 2023

In the splendid world of fashion, innovation and transformation are the core elements that propel designers into realms of timelessness. Dutch designer Duran Lantink leaps into such a sphere with his whimsical yet thought-provoking Spring/Summer 2024 collection, unveiling a paradigm where artistry and sustainability are not just parallel but intertwined.

The air was thick with anticipation as onlookers were introduced to Duran Lantink’s exploration of proportion and form. The magnificence of his creativity lay not only in the oversized blazers boasting shoulders reminiscent of a linebacker, but also in the vulnerability exhibited by the sheer elegance of dresses stripped down to their bare essence.

I’m obsessed with clothing and I’m on a journey to articulate my language through experimentation,” Lantink revealed backstage, an artist amidst the fervent search for his signature stroke, painting with fabrics and forms. This notion resonates profoundly, shedding light on a designer who views reworking pieces and materials as the bedrock of his craft.

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Embarking upon his first spring-summer collection, Duran Lantink crafts a narrative woven with flowers and the sea, akin to a storybook where every page-turn reveals another layer of his imaginative domain. His ensembles, crafted predominantly from deadstock, are testimonies to his dedication to sustainable fashion – a dance of Balenciaga leftovers and hand-knitted wool unfolding on the runway.

Duran Lantink’s collection, however, does more than just cloak the body in fabrics. It’s an invitation to a world where clothing is a statement, a language, and above all, an art form. His venture into shape and form has given birth to creations like “Speedo-jeans” – a hybrid of classic men’s swim briefs and vintage jeans.

This is not about a concept, it’s the foundation of my brand,” he pronounced. In every stitch and seam, Lantink’s devotion to transforming textiles and redefining body aesthetics is evident. His masterpieces, showcasing mod floral prints made from repurposed plastic bottles and whimsically oversized men’s blazers, echo a broader statement that extends beyond the runway.

In the heart of Paris, amidst the allure and glamour, the Spring/Summer 2024 collection emerges as a testament to Duran Lantink’s brilliance. It’s a world where life jackets morph into parkas, buoyant “bubble jeans” defy gravity, and a 19th-century silk veil transforms into a contemporary masterpiece. The collection isn’t just a display of fashion; it’s an odyssey of discovery and transformation.

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©Photo: Duran Lantink