EGONlab Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

EGONlab Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 23, 2023

As we open the fashion diary for 2024, EGONlab makes a daring invitation for the Spring/Summer season. The new collection is a vibrant homage to self-redefinition, a journey through the corporeal landscapes that echo the daring words of Patjim Statovci: “I can choose what I am… we can put ourselves together like a jigsaw”. Aptly named “Toute première fois”, the collection unfurls an exploration into the raw power of decision-making, personal liberation, and a defiant celebration of individual identity. This is not merely an assembly of fashion pieces, but rather an expressive dialogue about the transformative relationship we foster with our bodies.


Every moment of choice is a significant pivot, a brush with the unknown. EGONlab, in its 8th collection, coaxes us to appreciate these moments of rebirth, to seize the power inherent in personal evolution. The connection to life, growth, pleasure, and the willingness to delve into a new phase of existence permeates the whole collection. Spring/Summer, a season of renewal, is the perfect backdrop for such a bold proclamation.

The line is undeniably a spirited exploration of the human form. It liberates itself from gender confines and offers a daring reveal of shapes, sculpting the body in ways that speak of individuality and open defiance. This season, EGONlab encourages bodies to flourish as freely as the “flower of evil“, embracing a novel form of masculinity. “Man yesterday, feminine today, it doesn’t matter. In the puzzle of life, all combinations are winners“, EGONlab seems to whisper through each piece.


The Spring/Summer 2024 collection never strays far from the brand’s staple tailoring. Yet, this foundation serves not to constrain but rather to magnify and invigorate, carving out unique identities that are as punk as they are sensual. The materials used, such as denim and leather, underscore this duality, fostering a tangible intimacy of skin against skin.

A compelling feature of the EGONlab Spring/Summer 2024 collection is its inspiring partnerships. This season, the fashion house collaborated with an impressive array of talents. Working with Umbro China, EGONlab managed to merge two fashion DNAs onto the runway, creating key looks that blend their signature styles with Umbro’s visually stunning aesthetic. Shoes from TOGA VIRILIS, produced by Six London, and heels from Syro adorn the models’ feet, while Linda Farrow provided the collection’s eyewear.

The notable chromatic piece showcased during the final look was a masterful collaboration between Le chemin des maquettes and Flávio Juán Núñes. Additionally, EGONlab joined forces with Persta Paris, the French jewelry brand helmed by Olivier and Guillhem Fouvre d’acier. The results were exquisite jewelry pieces, including a uniquely designed cockring, which can also be used as an earcuff and ring, covered in more than 70 semi-precious stones.

The EGONlab Spring/Summer 2024 collection stands as a vivid testament to the power of choice. It tells us that, just as we can redefine our personal narrative, we can also reshape our bodies through the lens of fashion. This collection is more than a seasonal offering; it is a statement about freedom, identity, and the relentless human spirit to embrace the body that draws us in. To live intensely, as the collection invites, is perhaps the most audacious fashion statement we can make.

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