Emilio Pucci Fall Winter 2023

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2023

September 7, 2023

Embracing the dazzling aura of the universe, Camille Miceli’s “Supernova” collection for Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2023 not only gives a nod to the brand’s storied heritage but thrusts it forward, painting a canvas of dramatic colors and ingenious designs. Heritage is not just remembered; it’s reinvented. As winter approaches, Pucci’s fashion narrative spins tales of radiant boldness and intricate detail, harmoniously connecting the past with the present.

Expanding upon Initials EP.’s cosmic inspirations, Miceli magically revamps ’60s aesthetics. Emphasizing the dynamic evolution, the Giardino print blends organic outlines with geometric checks, presenting a melange of past and contemporary. Fior di Loto bursts forth with diagonal tulip bands, pushing the envelope of graphic designs. The historic Leocorno captivates attention, echoing Emilio Pucci‘s late 50s creation, magnifying the rich tradition of Palio di Siena through the palette’s dramatic red undertones.

Knitwear emerges as a testament to Pucci’s signature style, flourishing with sumptuous cashmere and intricate jacquards. One can’t help but be enamored by the dégradé needle-punch technique, which reveals its charm in close proximity. From second-skin mesh catsuits to reflective cocoon-shaped coats, the surface treatments are a delightful surprise at every turn. Miceli, in her consistent brilliance, uplifts the spirit of individuality. Be it the youthful skater skirts, elegant caftans, or the Pucci-esque sporty ensembles, the allure of the Pucci Family is always palpable.

Footwear garners its share of spotlight too. Gleaming white patent stretch boots stand tall, challenging and complementing the vibrant prints. Meanwhile, the debut of Pucceli, a gracefully sculpted bag, epitomizes sophistication. It flaunts an undulating tonal pattern, punctuated with functional chain elements. The jewelry, exploring the iconic interlocking fish emblem, traces striking geometries that seamlessly wrap the body. Even as temperatures drop, Pucci’s hot water bottle cover promises warmth and unparalleled style.

Miceli beautifully summarizes the essence of the collection: “I wanted to explore new fashion dimensions while still being approachable. I love that this is a full wardrobe of wearable statement pieces so that everyone can push their Pucci personality even further.”

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