Thom Browne Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2023

Thom Browne Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023


Curtains rise, the stage is set, and the fashion cognoscenti wait in anticipation for a dramatic debut in the realm of haute couture. Such was the scenery at the much-awaited Thom Browne Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023 show in the venerated Paris Garnier Opera. Our introduction to the spectacle was a climb up a historical path: the creaky, wooden artists’ entrance that has withstood generations of passionate performances. Now, it was our turn to be the audience in this grand theater, the stage unexpectedly serving as our vantage point.

As the curtains lifted, the gasps were audible. For the theater’s gilded landscape was taken over by a monochrome army of three thousand cut-out illustrations, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the designer himself, Thom Browne. The surprise, the drama, the audacity – were we on the precipice of an autobiographical journey about to be unfolded through the narrative of couture?

Browne, no stranger to Parisian theatrics, was acutely aware of the symbolism attached to his debut as a couturier. Reflecting on the moment, he remarked, “It’s really special – the idea of taking almost American sportswear, the tailoring we do, and bringing it into a couture setting. I thought it was important, even in representing American fashion”.

Seated on the stage, we found miniature scrolls wrapped in Thom Browne ribbon at our seats. Cryptically bearing a fragment of an English proverb, “A bird in the hand…” they whispered of the labyrinth of mysteries yet to be unraveled.

The saga began as the renowned model, Alek Wek, took center stage in a gray Thom Browne jacket and kilt. The following tableau saw a multitude of Thom Browne’s gray suits and coats, each with its unique narrative vignette, the silhouette staunchly narrow but the story varying in complexity.

From patchworks of pastoral landscapes and seasides dotted with sailboats to intricate brocades and sequin-adorned coats and short-suits, Browne’s expertise in tailoring was on full display. Subtle details like 3D woven clouds on a coat added another layer of textural intrigue to the collection.

The narrative took an abstract turn as characterful “bell-people” and ‘’pigeon-people’’ traversed the stage. The costumes, a combination of whimsy and complexity, resonated with Browne’s signature theatricality.

The drama deepened, the previously merry bells resonating a somber tune as Edwardian-clad women graced the stage. Finally, a bride in a white coat-dress appeared, marking the culmination of this dramatic couture narrative.

As we stepped offstage, Browne shared his storyline, a melancholic tale of a woman contemplating her life at a station, swept up in an ocean of fantasies. The oceanic elements in the collection were emblematic of her envisaged sorrow, balanced with the familiar preppy East Coast iconography Browne is known for. Yet, in the end, she chose life over despair.

In the aftermath, one couldn’t help but ponder over the ambiguous symbols throughout the show. Were the bells an homage to the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence housed in Browne’s hometown, Allentown, PA? The questions hung in the air, much like the intrigue that followed Browne’s spectacular couture debut.

What was clear was Browne’s intention. “I wanted people to know me for what I do – starting with tailoring, and conceptual ideas, and giving you the story“, he professed.

What followed was an impression of his complex design language, expressed with precision, depth, and an elevated conceptual vision, one that elevated sportswear tailoring to the level of couture, marking an extraordinary evolution in his sartorial narrative.

The Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2023 Haute Couture collection stood out as a deeply personal performance. An introspective journey portrayed through the veneer of fashion, the narrative seemed to reflect Browne’s own triumphs and challenges. In the nuances of his work – the sleek tailoring, the delicate brocades, and the intricate embroidery – there was an embodiment of the designer’s journey from American sportswear to the extravagance of Parisian couture.

Thom Browne also invited us to see the world through his eccentric lens – a place where surreal bell-clad figures and feathered creatures coexist in harmony. This surrealistic journey was a testament to his imagination and talent, which extend far beyond the domain of fashion and into the realm of art. It is this extraordinary fusion that has carved his distinct niche in the fashion cosmos.

In the end, the Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2023 Haute Couture show left the audience with an elevated understanding of the designer’s craftsmanship, creativity, and most significantly, his unique storytelling. Each piece of the collection was a chapter in an overarching narrative, brought to life with a theatrical display that kept us at the edge of our seats.

In the lingering aftermath, we were left with the haunting echo of the proverb: “A bird in the hand…” reminding us of the unpredictable journey of life. After all, isn’t that what fashion is about – a reflection of life, its triumphs and tribulations, captured in a moment, sewn into a garment, and worn as an emblem of our narratives?

Closing the evening on a high note, Browne was exultant. The mission was accomplished. Not merely through the beautiful garments but through the embodiment of his personal journey and artistic vision. As we departed the hallowed grounds of the Garnier Opera, we left with a newfound understanding of Thom Browne and the unparalleled ethos of his brand.

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