Fear of God Fall-Winter 2024

Fear of God Fall/Winter 2024

Refined and understated, Jerry Lorenzo's Fall/Winter 2024 collection for Fear of God is a love letter to American cool. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of cultures, the collection features relaxed tailoring, luxurious textures, and a touch of unexpected femininity.
January 17, 2024

Jerry Lorenzo’s “Hollywood Bowl” spectacle still echoed in Milan, a hushed reverence replacing the pyro and Pusha T for an intimate showroom reveal of his Fear of God Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Here, the music was the rustle of luxurious fabrics, the spotlight trained on clothes that whispered their own swagger-soaked symphony.

Gone were the pyrotechnics, replaced by a quiet sophistication. Familiar silhouettes took center stage: blanket-like tailored layers cocooned the body, elongated blazers cinched at the waist and pooled over wide-legged trousers, and fluid trousers danced with drop-suede booties. A-line coats draped with casual grace, while bold-shouldered leathers exuded an effortless, enveloping cool.

These weren’t leftovers from Lorenzo’s L.A. show; they were the B-sides that blossomed into an “American Symphony,” a celebration of the cultural patchwork that quilts his vision. “How do these cultures weave together into a uniquely American perspective?” he mused. “This collection is my refined take on those influences, a testament to their sophistication, elegance, and undeniable coolness.”

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Displayed on racks, the pieces blurred gender lines. Sleek, pointed boots with sculptural heels peeked out, but the lookbook images also worked their magic on female models: a plush drawstring pant, a nod to workwear, paired with a turtleneck and a long boucle coat. It was a shared wardrobe that whispered unspoken promises of effortless style.

A beige suit, perfectly rounded shoulders and subtly cropped, spoke volumes. Lapel-less tailored jackets layered over silky t-shirts and matching scarves exuded quiet luxury. Shaved shearling jackets piled high like clouds were a masterclass in understated opulence.

In a season saturated with reinvented tailoring, Lorenzo’s vision stands out, a gift to American fashion that resonates with quiet confidence. It’s a melody worth tuning into, a symphony of whispers singing a sophisticated song of cool. And like all good music, it leaves you wanting more.

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©Photo: Fear of God