Fendi Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022

Fendi Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022


The timeless city of Rome influenced Kim Jones to create an ethereal Spring/Summer 2022 collection for Fendi Couture.

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The British designer turned to the bones of the ancient buildings dotting the Eternal City to inform the well-constructed garments that are made to last – much like those in the Italian capital.

It has so many layers to it. It’s such an ancient city”, he said. “We’re always thinking of the past, present, and future of it. The idea of different times and that very spiritual side of Rome, which becomes almost celestial; almost spacey”.

Using a video of moving clouds to enliven the runway, Jones truly gave the models a celestial like power, describing them as “an army of empresses whose divine purity is imbued with celestial power” descending from the heavens as they stepped onto the futuristic runway.

The result: clothing imbued with celestial power. Fluid fabrics, velvety draping, and ethereal high-low hemlines populate the show. The clothing transcends time, combining classical techniques, cutting-edge designs, and modern craftsmanship.



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