Fendi Resort 2024

Fendi Resort 2024

Fendi's Resort 2024 collection marries legacy and innovation, artfully crafted by Kim Jones and Stefano Pilati. Echoing profound influences of gender fluidity and modern aesthetics, it redefines classic allure, offering an eclectic, contemporary masterpiece rooted in heritage.
October 20, 2023

In the sophisticated world of fashion, the confluence of legacy and innovation is not just expected but revered. In the midst of this, Fendi, with its renowned heritage, unveils the Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection – a sublime amalgamation of classic allure and contemporary grace, capturing the hearts of women passionate about fashion.

Inspired by previous iconic collaborations, Kim Jones, Fendi’s artistic director for women’s wear, once again illuminates the fashion sphere. This exquisite collection emerges not in isolation, but from a dynamic partnership echoing the Friends of Fendi initiative.

I always believed in the power of unity, and Stefano Pilati is a testament to this belief,” expressed Jones, reminiscent of the era when he joined forces with Marc Jacobs, and projects with brands like Skims and Versace came to life.

Pilati, a designer of profound esteem, has a legacy intertwined with fashion’s greats, yet he breathes an air of distinctiveness into Fendi’s Resort 2024 collection. Based in Berlin, Pilati’s creations for his label, Random Identities, are potent echoes of his sartorial excellence.

I find solace and inspiration in exploring the depths of gender and the eclectic dance of queer culture,” Pilati shared, weaving his profound insights into a collection that transcends boundaries.

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The Fendi Resort 2024 collection is reminiscent of an age where the flapper epitomized a potent mixture of rebellion and allure. Pilati manifests this energy, not replicating but reimagining, instilling a breath of modernity and inclusivity. This collection encapsulates the spirit of a liberated person, transcending gender constraints, and amplifying a message of freedom and self-expression.

Hand-sewn looks and the refreshing redesign of the house’s “F” logo embody the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with Fendi. The attire is imbued with subtle references to the brand’s roots as a furrier, elegantly showcased in pieces like a sporty sweater in shearling.

I dedicated a significant portion of the creative process to Berlin, where ideas flourished and 90% of the patterns came to life,” revealed Pilati. The collection is a testament to his skill, where traditional “lady” aspects find a harmonious juxtaposition with masculine elegance, offering an expansive realm of choice for fashion enthusiasts.

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©Photo: Fendi