Ferragamo Resort 2024

Ferragamo Resort 2024

June 11, 2023

Delving into the rich tapestry of Italian sartorial tradition, the Ferragamo Resort 2024 (Cruise 2024) collection is an audacious exploration of the archetypical Italian family wardrobe. Curated by Maximilian Davis, this range reinterprets timeless elegance with a modern eye, drawing out an allure that permeates even the most mundane elements of Italian dress.

Maximilian Davis, the creative mind behind the collection, eloquently captures the philosophy underpinning this venture. “In Italy, even homewear exudes an aura of luxury, derived from the exquisite craftsmanship embedded in their creation“, he explains. “There’s an everyday elegance in this luxurious dressing that is simply captivating“.

Through Davis’ insightful lens, the collection subtly weaves elements from various eras, echoing a wardrobe cultivated over the years. It captures the fitted styles of the 1940s, the extravagant flair of the 1980s, and the minimalistic vibe of the 1990s, signifying the timelessness of fashion. “The collection resonates with the timeless pieces you’d want to pass on to the next generation“, Davis expounds.

Borrowing elements from Ferragamo‘s past, the collection cleverly integrates the twisted rope detail from a 1956 shoe into sandals, and repurposes hardware from an 80s Ferragamo lighter found in a Christmas catalogue. There’s also a respectful nod to a 1999 collection with the adoption of quilted silhouettes. Simultaneously, Davis’ signature style permeates the collection, as seen in slash detailing across tracksuits and mid-century couture silhouettes on cropped bombers. Moreover, Davis’ innovative take on tradition is apparent in high-shine patent boots, sandals, and daringly cut necklines, alluding to a subtle touch of taboo within the familial setting.

The collection’s fabric choices stand out as a modern take on heritage, harnessing the attributes of natté wool for a distinct silhouette. Innovative uses of nubuck suede and flocked denim resemble velvet, offering an effortless glamour. Equally impressive is the use of double-faced cashmere in crafting hoodies for an outerwear appeal. Additionally, the collection encompasses après-ski outfits fabricated from recycled polyester and quilted, lacquered nylon, enhancing its practicality.

Modern classics pervade the new range of accessories, with geometric forms and graphic lines lending a sophisticated disruption to their symmetry. The top-flap shoulder bag, showcasing a slight sculptural edge and lighter hardware, radiates a captivating allure. Meanwhile, the organic cut-outs in leather shoppers and totes emerge as instantly recognisable and endlessly intriguing.

Ferragamo’s luxurious craftsmanship shines in the unpretentious elegance of a men’s leather day bag. Its carefully bonded construction, minimalistic hardware, and exceptional lightness evoke the purity of the brand’s expertise. The ‘Hug‘ bag, originally debuted in the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, reappears with a contemporary edge, featuring tactile fabrications in earthy tones and a novel pouch design.

The collection also pays homage to timeless glamour. An evening bag, intricately embellished with crystals and coral, harkens back to the radiant allure of Marilyn Monroe. A top-handle handbag with a twisted golden rope adds a touch of decadence to the collection’s minimalist aesthetic.

Footwear in the collection takes a reverential dip into Ferragamo’s illustrious past, resurrecting the tubular sandal construction from the ’50s. The subtle curves of stiletto heels and full-bodied brogue toes infuse a contemporary twist into classic designs – a fitting representation of Ferragamo’s evolving journey.

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