Ferrari Fall Winter 2022 - Milan Fashion Week

Ferrari Fall/Winter 2022 – Milan Fashion Week

March 8, 2022

After a first show last June that took place at the company’s Maranello headquarters, Ferrari and its creative director Rocco Iannone were raising the bar this season, setting up what could arguably be one of the longest catwalks ever inside a huge pavilion at Fiera Milano City for their second collection.

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Under red and yellow lighting – the brand’s signature palette – Rocco Iannone’s collection reflected Ferrari’s ultra-luxury positioning in fashion.

On display were sophisticated couture-like and intricate cut silhouettes that blurred the line between masculine and feminine.

The logo was not entirely absent from the range, visible on many pieces, mostly hidden in details. The camouflage print, the other signature motif of the collection, alongside graphic prints derived from thermal scanner grids, was actually created from a hologram of the logo and an enlarged photo of technical filaments before being served up in multiple colors to become an unique design.

Neutral hues, such as black, gray and beige, form the basis of the collection, spotted with yellows, reds and greens. Materials were sustainably sourced, such as organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled nylon, Ecodown upholstery made from recycled plastic bottles, and natural fabrics like wool, cashmere, cotton drill, silk and leather.

The first chapter was very focused on the physical components of our cars”, Iannone said. “Now it was more interesting to be focused on the technological aspect and the software”.