Ferrari Fall-Winter 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

Ferrari Fall/Winter 2023 – Milan Fashion Week

February 28, 2023

The Ferrari Fall/Winter 2023 collection embodies the essence of motion and speed. Creative director, Rocco Iannone, sought to capture “beauty in motion” in this highly anticipated collection. After competing on the fashion circuit for four seasons, Iannone has successfully bridged the gap between Ferrari’s prestige on the racetrack and the runway.

The collection starts off with a subdued palette of dark tones, featuring modernized tailoring and workwear with eye-catching seam detailing. Iannone then brings in the iconic Ferrari lettering, this time in a stunning 15-color yarn intarsia design, sometimes accented with fringes. The padding section of the collection is a nod to the famous driver jumpsuits and features protective vests that also resemble kenjutsu-wear. The super rounded pants are reminiscent of David Bowie in Kansai Yamamoto.

Iannone’s meticulous attention to detail is on display in the cross-gender accessories, including handbags and folios, attached with aerodynamically shaped hardware pods. The collection’s sneakers are the cherry on top, offering a visual representation of suspension with every step. Iannone emphasizes the importance of incorporating unexpected elements into the Ferrari narrative.

This collection is not just about Ferrari’s love for speed and motion, but it also showcases gender equality. Outfits 30 and 31 feature color-flipped equivalent designs on male and female models, while looks 7 and 9 present a straightforward equivalent of each other’s charcoal jumpsuits with biker accents. Neither gender takes the lead in this collection.

Ferrari has a massive global following, but the brand is determined to take the high road in fashion. The Ferrari Fall/Winter 2023 collection is the perfect blend of Ferrari’s passion for speed and motion, combined with impeccable style and fashion sense.