GCDS Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

GCDS Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

GCDS Fall/Winter 2024 takes a nostalgic look at childhood, then transitions to a sophisticated and playful exploration of maturity.
February 24, 2024

Giuliano Calza, the creative mind behind the Italian label GCDS, took a captivating introspective turn for Fall/Winter 2024. Titled “Toys for Adults,” the collection explored the complexities of maturing while retaining a playful spirit, weaving childhood nostalgia with a touch of darkness.


The show opened with a surprising innocence, showcasing ethereal white pieces adorned with delicate florals and sheer textures. This initial purity, Calza explained backstage, symbolized “something pure and careless, as you are when you’re a kid.” However, the mood gradually shifted, reflecting the inevitable “twists and turns” of life. Darker hues of black, gray, and burgundy seeped into the collection, alongside tailored wool coats and sleek leather separates, marking a step towards a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Despite the growing darkness, Calza’s signature playful spirit remained ever-present. Pops of pop culture references emerged throughout the collection, with nods to iconic figures like Hello Kitty and Chucky adding a touch of whimsy. Hello Kitty peeked from under fitted frocks, while Chucky’s menacing grin adorned accessories, offering a subtle reminder of childhood fascination with the macabre.


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This juxtaposition of light and dark wasn’t merely aesthetic. Calza intended it to evoke the complexities of navigating difficult times while holding onto joy. “Even just leading life with a smile is such a good stand right now,” he remarked, highlighting the collection’s underlying message of resilience and hope.

GCDS Fall/Winter 2024 offered a refreshing perspective on pop-infused fashion, proving that maturity doesn’t necessitate abandoning one’s inner child. It’s a collection that embraces the multifaceted nature of growing up, reminding us that even amidst darkness, a playful spirit can endure.

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©Photo: GCDS