Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani's Fall/Winter 2024 collection surprised with a focus on black adorned with vibrant flowers. It offered both playful prints and timeless elegance, showcasing the designer's enduring vision.
February 28, 2024

Giorgio Armani‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection marked a surprising departure from his signature greige tones. This season, the Italian maestro embraced the power of black, using it as a canvas for a vibrant explosion of flowers.


Black is an incredible color – end of story,” declared Armani, a man known for his muted palettes. This bold statement hinted at a playful shift in his creative direction. The collection showcased a range of black pieces, from boxy jackets to floor-length coats, all adorned with an array of colorful blooms. The use of crystals, beads, and embroidery brought these floral motifs to life, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to the dark base.

While black reigned supreme, the collection wasn’t devoid of color. Jewel-toned velvets in emerald and sapphire added a touch of opulence, while vibrant floral prints adorned dresses, skirts, and even shoes. This playful use of color and pattern offered a welcome contrast to the dark base, creating a sense of visual interest.


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Armani’s choice to incorporate blooming flowers in a fall collection was a deliberate one. “There are no flowers in winter, but now here they are. I invented them,” he explained. This floral motif served as a symbol of hope and resilience, reminding viewers of the beauty that persists even amidst darkness.

Despite the collection’s playful elements, Armani‘s signature love for clean lines and understated elegance remained present. The simplest looks, often featuring tailored jackets and flowing trousers, proved to be some of the most powerful. This duality, showcasing both the audacious and the understated, is what makes Armani’s work so enduringly captivating.

At 90 years old, Armani remains an influential force in the fashion world. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering vision are evident in every piece he creates. Whether embracing bold new directions or staying true to his signature style, Armani continues to inspire and surprise audiences season after season.

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©Photo: Giorgio Armani