Giorgio Armani Men's Fall Winter 2021 - Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 – Milan Fashion Week

March 4, 2021

With his women’s and men’s Fall/Winter 2021 shows, designed simultaneously but presented separately at the Armani Theater in Milan, Giorgio Armani suggested what his own are: reassuring with fashion and telegraphing a message of respect for Mother Nature and its creatures.

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The designer unveiled his so-Armani collection with digital runway show shot on a set dominated by a light projection of the GA logo and by Uri, a bright green gorilla statue originally given years ago to Armani by his sister.

‘’Uri, a biblical name meaning ‘my flame, my light’, is an eccentric element that contrasts strongly with its domestic surroundings. It reflects my great love for animals and nature and helps to create, with lightness, a sort of oasis in my home in Milan’’, said the designer. ‘’I decided to put it at the center of the scene because I think it is essential, now more than ever, to remind people how important it is to protect the natural world. My commitment on this front is great’’.

Other than underscoring his love for animals, that sentiment was reflected in brightly colored floral patterns that make each garment unique. His attachment to nature was also seen in the wonderful chromatic palette that switched between aquatic and natural hues, greens with turquoise reflections, pale purples, pinks, deep blues and black, alongside touches of leather, lit by velvet.

As for the silhouettes, they have remained in the DNA of the house, bringing together all of Armani’s iconic and signature styles: a structured and typically relaxed wardrobe. These were clothes that every man can wear, mix and match as he wishes, to express himself and to represent himself. There was also a touch of eclecticism in conceiving new volumes and applications: jackets were soft and flowing like shirts, coats were supple and enveloping, sweaters adhered to the body and were punctuated with geometric patterns.

The Armani man was portrayed in a wide range of individuals: sportsman, adventurer, city dweller, businessman…, opening up to the world as evidenced by softly constructed jackets with Chinese collars or kimono-like lightweight robes adding a bohemian vibe in the collection.

‘’In this collection I have brought everything together in an eclectic way, imagining a man in front of his wardrobe, dressing according to his instinct and the mood of the moment’’, said the designer.


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