Giorgio Armani set to host ''One Night Only'' event at the Venice Film Festival

Giorgio Armani set to host ”One Night Only” event at the Venice Film Festival

May 22, 2023

Giorgio Armani, an iconic name in the fashion world, is set to celebrate both the magic of cinema and the intrinsic beauty of Venice during the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival. This special tribute will take the form of ‘’One Night Only Venezia’’, an event infused with glitz, glamour and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The ”One Night Only” series has become a much-anticipated occasion for fashion and film enthusiasts alike, illuminating the world’s most significant cities. After leaving indelible impressions in locations such as London, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, New York, Paris and most recently Dubai, the illustrious event is now scheduled to alight in Venice on Saturday 2nd September.

The evening event at the historic Arsenale will combine the grandeur of an haute couture show, curated by Armani himself, followed by an exclusive party. This aligns with Armani’s long-standing affection for the city and the festival, which first came into the limelight with the 1990 premiere of Martin Scorsese’s documentary film “Made in Milan“.

An intriguing quote from Armani about his deep connection with the Venice International Film Festival, says, “Venice represents the perfect amalgamation of cinematic magic and timeless elegance, two aspects that I strive to interweave in my creations. It is an honour to continue this creative dialog in such a symbolic city“.

The celebration extends further with the renewal of Armani beauty’s sponsorship for the sixth consecutive year, serving as the official makeup service for the festival’s esteemed guests. But it is the sustainable ethos behind ”One Night Only Venezia” that truly resonates.

Echoing the environmentally conscious approaches from previous events in Dubai and St. Moritz, the Venice event is designed to comply with ISO 20121, aiming for minimal environmental impact. This involves offsetting all residual greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event by backing environmental initiatives centered on preserving the Venetian Lagoon’s ecological balance.

In further commitment to sustainability, the Armani Group has pledged a donation to the non-profit organisation ‘’We are here in Venice’’. The contribution will support research aimed at protecting the lagoon and enriching our understanding of the societal value this unique environment offers.

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