Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 26, 2023

Milan was awash with energy as the curtains rose on Giorgio Armani‘s highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 showcase. Streets adjacent to Armani’s venue, the reputable via Borgonuovo, hummed with anticipation, with onlookers and aficionados hoping to glimpse the eminent personalities marking their presence.

This season’s collection, aptly titled “Vibes“, heralded a new era of Armani’s unyielding commitment to liberation. And this intent was apparent right from the shoes. Unapologetically forgoing heels, every ensemble was complemented with satin boxer boots – even the most formal of evening wear. Armani, having redefined women’s fashion since the ’70s with his power suits, sent forth a potent message: women’s fashion is not bound to age-old conventions.

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At the heart of “Vibes” was a dance between fabric and body, inviting movement and freedom. Colors reminiscent of Pantelleria, Armani’s Mediterranean escape, dominated the palette. Opening with a razor-sharp jacket in a lustrous coppery brown, the runway then embraced a spectrum of blues and greens. These hues told tales of the vast oceans and the rhythmic waves, as seen in the marine blue strapless dress with its cascading ribbony folds, and the sea green trench enriched with curvaceous, origami-styled pleats.

Beyond color, the form and flow of each outfit narrated stories of fluidity. Silhouettes adorned with waves, like the sheer wave-shaped panels skirting a blue silk trouser and vest-top ensemble, reinforced Armani’s oceanic muse. Furthermore, sparkling embroideries on vests and tops evoked images of enigmatic marine life, while other outfits channeled a breezy, beachy aura with sheer jackets, sparkling skirts reminiscent of relaxed sarongs, and ethereal boho skirts sprinkled with luminous accents.

The grandeur of the collection reached its zenith with the finale: a model graced the runway in a sweeping cloud dress, its sheer shawl sparkling with every step, culminating in an evocative performance reminiscent of Isadora Duncan’s grace.

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©Photo: Giorgio Armani