Givenchy Fall-Winter 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Parisian echoes resound as Givenchy Fall/Winter 2024 rewinds the dial, trading downtown cool for aristocratic allure. Tailoring reigns supreme, heritage prints whisper, and a playful wink to the past paves the way for a new Givenchy gentleman.
January 18, 2024

Paris Fashion Week witnessed a sartorial homecoming this season as Givenchy returned to its roots with a Fall/Winter 2024 collection steeped in Parisian elegance. Gone were the streetwear influences of the Matthew M. Williams era, replaced by a symphony of classic tailoring, playful prints and a touch of aristocratic nonchalance.

The historic George V couture salons, where Ruinart champagne flowed and models ascended a grand staircase like figures from a bygone era, set the tone for a collection that pulsated with the house’s rich heritage. Think Oswald Boateng-esque tailoring in vibrant hues alongside whimsical silk babushkas adorned with an assortment of hairstyles – a whimsical nod to the label’s founder, Hubert de Givenchy, and his love of artistic muses.

But amid the nostalgic flourishes, there was a sense of looking forward. Tails strutted confidently alongside casual tank tops, while pearl buttons lined the backs of turtlenecks for a touch of subtle luxury. Horsehair embellishments transformed coats and trousers into faun-like companions, and a silver parka with an archival cat print and mischievous gleaming eyes added a touch of playful irreverence.

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This collection, attributed to a design team and aptly titled “a study of the new gentleman,” wasn’t about pushing boundaries. It was about embracing the Givenchy legacy and reinterpreting it for the modern dandy. While not every piece reached the heights of couture grandeur, the collection served its purpose well. It kept the flame of this esteemed heritage brand burning brightly, leaving the canvas clean for a future creative director to paint their own masterpiece.

In the absence of a new creative leader, Givenchy Fall/Winter 2024 stands as a bridge between eras. It’s a collection that whispers of tradition while daring to look to the horizon, a reminder that even the most storied houses can find new ways to tell their timeless stories. And who knows, amidst the classic tailoring and playful prints, a glimpse of the future Givenchy gentleman may already be emerging.

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©Photo: Givenchy